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Worship Team Building:

CRAFT // Part One: Handling a Team of Artists

The CRAFT series is designed to walk you through preparing your team to be able to think outside of their typical creative boxes, walk humbly with their artistry, and use teamwork to produce massive amounts of creative development for their ministry. Over this series, we will walk you through different areas of creative development for you […]

Worship Team Building:

How To Get Your Volunteers To Memorize Music

There are all kinds of Worship Leaders, right? Extroverts, introverts, men, women, piano players, guitar players… Those who are pro-music stand and those who are anti-music stand. I have been a part of both kinds of teams and there are pros and cons to each side. You hear things like: “Stands are so distracting! How can the […]

Worship Team Building:

Getting the Most Out of Volunteers – Part 1

  Part 1: Understanding and Recruiting Lately, I have seen a lot of emails and posts from social media and other forums regarding volunteers, and effectively recruiting, training, managing, retaining, equipping and getting positive results from them.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will tackle this subject, and with any luck, help your teams […]