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Worship 101:

It’s a Symphony

We as worship leaders are participating in a divine symphony that has been playing for an eternity and will be playing forever. Some of the greatest pieces of music ever written are classical symphonies that have stood the test of time and continue to move people. Most of them were written for God’s glory, and […]

Worship 101:

City Worship Culture

American churches are a unique product of Christianity. We have megachurches with giant production; some just as big as the shows on the Vegas strip. We have backwood chapels with hymns and pews. Some with skinny jeans, some with suits and ties, and some that don’t meet in a building whatsoever. I have the unique […]

Worship 101:

Worship on a Budget

We all know that money can’t buy you happiness. It can’t buy you anything of lasting importance at all, in fact. In the worship ministry world, it seems that often times money, which buys equipment & environments, has become equated with excellent worship. There’s a subtle undercurrent out there that pulls us into believing that unless we’re […]

Worship 101:

Worship = Power

Our churches are filled with broken people that have real hurts. Others keep coming through the doors in denial, thinking that everything is well and that they can just “phone in” their worship by showing up at church once a week, usually right before the teaching. How can we, as leaders, facilitate worship that breaks through great pain […]

Worship 101:

Worship = Peace

Be sure to check out the previous Worship = posts here! Are your Christmas preparations causing you stress?  Is your body staying afloat only by a steady stream of extra caffeine that leaves you shaking by the time you try to go to bed?  This season can be a really tough time for everyone in […]