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The Heart of a Worship Leader:

Culture Killer // Tardiness (A Volunteer’s Perspective)

As a Worship Leader, I’ve come to realize that part of my job description should read, “Defender of Culture”. Because in all reality, creating and keeping a positive culture on our teams only happens with intention. It’s when we get a bit lazy that culture killers can sneak in and start to poke holes in […]

The Heart of a Worship Leader:

The Heart of a Mimic // Part One

What is a “Mimic”? Mimic, by definition means to; Imitate (someone or their actions or words), typically to entertain or to ridicule; A person skilled in imitating the voice, mannerisms, or movements of others in an entertaining way.  Since we were kids sitting in Sunday school, we have been taught to be “Imitators’. Imitators of Christ, that is. […]