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Worship vs. Fear

What’s your biggest fear? Mine was insignificance, not being able to make an impact on people and helping them in their calling. I felt unable to find an avenue to pursue this and feared that God wasn’t going to use me due to some hidden sin that had disqualified me. The only thing these fears […]


Refining Fire

When it comes to our character, talent and skills as worship leaders, it takes a lot of hard work to shine like diamonds. The great challenge is that as much as our circumstances and other people add pressure, we must submit to the process and start holding ourselves accountable, adding enough internal pressure to turn […]

Worship 101:

It’s a Symphony

We as worship leaders are participating in a divine symphony that has been playing for an eternity and will be playing forever. Some of the greatest pieces of music ever written are classical symphonies that have stood the test of time and continue to move people. Most of them were written for God’s glory, and […]


It’s Not Your Ministry

Another weekend has passed and you are holding on to dear life after numerous challenges. You might be fried and frustrated with your team, pastor, church, or even all of them. You feel the burden of ministry and hear a nagging voice challenge even your place in life. Before you quit, just remember this profound […]


Choosing to Love

We all know “those people.” They sit in our churches, serve in our teams, and either knowingly or unknowingly rub us totally the wrong way. They may be those in your team that have taken your place, those who fight you at every turn, or those at your church who know nothing about worship and […]


Songwriting For Your Audience

A good friend of mine was struggling. She was an incredible and talented songwriter with deep faith in Jesus, but she was writing pop songs and feeling like it wasn’t right. She switched to writing worship music to “keep following God.” After trying very hard for a few agonizing months she realized that her audience […]

Worship 101:

Worship = Power

Our churches are filled with broken people that have real hurts. Others keep coming through the doors in denial, thinking that everything is well and that they can just “phone in” their worship by showing up at church once a week, usually right before the teaching. How can we, as leaders, facilitate worship that breaks through great pain […]

Worship 101:

Worship = Peace

Be sure to check out the previous Worship = posts here! Are your Christmas preparations causing you stress?  Is your body staying afloat only by a steady stream of extra caffeine that leaves you shaking by the time you try to go to bed?  This season can be a really tough time for everyone in […]