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The Heart of a Worship Leader:

Culture Killer // Tardiness (A Volunteer’s Perspective)

As a Worship Leader, I’ve come to realize that part of my job description should read, “Defender of Culture”. Because in all reality, creating and keeping a positive culture on our teams only happens with intention. It’s when we get a bit lazy that culture killers can sneak in and start to poke holes in […]


Memorizing Your Music

The pressure is real. We are all in a time crunch. If you and your music team are striving to be memorized on Sunday, let’s cover some tips and tricks that will get you memorized most efficiently.  But before we jump into the specifics of memorization, let’s talk a little about how to set your team up for […]

Worship Team Building:

How To Get Your Volunteers To Memorize Music

There are all kinds of Worship Leaders, right? Extroverts, introverts, men, women, piano players, guitar players… Those who are pro-music stand and those who are anti-music stand. I have been a part of both kinds of teams and there are pros and cons to each side. You hear things like: “Stands are so distracting! How can the […]