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Worship 101:

City Worship Culture

American churches are a unique product of Christianity. We have megachurches with giant production; some just as big as the shows on the Vegas strip. We have backwood chapels with hymns and pews. Some with skinny jeans, some with suits and ties, and some that don’t meet in a building whatsoever. I have the unique […]

Worship Team Building:

CRAFT // Part One: Handling a Team of Artists

The CRAFT series is designed to walk you through preparing your team to be able to think outside of their typical creative boxes, walk humbly with their artistry, and use teamwork to produce massive amounts of creative development for their ministry. Over this series, we will walk you through different areas of creative development for you […]

Worship 101:

Sunday is Dying

  I spend a lot of time in thought. Probably too much. I sometimes will spend nights sitting up wide awake, staring at blank wall, wondering if we’ve completely miss it all. Everything we do at our churches…it’s in vain. I begin to wonder if we are merely a society that reflects what we’ve seen in […]