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Layering Vocals

Vocals are – in most respects – the most underestimated and undervalued instruments in your worship arsenal. The fact that many can regurgitate appropriate lyrics (mostly on pitch) with relative ease can lead most leaders and members to rubber-stamp any vocals offered as “good enough” for service.  Buckle up; because the truth is far from […]


LEVEL UP! – Good Mentorship

There are instructors, coaches, and mentors.  Instructors teach the student about the tools needed to improve their skill. Coaches guide the skill toward a task or objective. Mentors reinforce the focus and heart behind developing the skill-set. While both instructors and coaches encourage the student to improve their skill, mentors aim higher – with a […]


Recruiting Musicians

“Hey! Can you play guitar?… Yes?… Well, join the worship team!”  If it were only that simple. Unlike recruiting and hiring musicians for most secular groups – where the allure may be a record deal, exposure to large audiences, or a good source of income, recruiting musicians for a Worship team involves many important – […]


Microphone Techniques

The microphone – as the performance savvy come to realize – is not simply a device used to amplify the voice; it is, rather, an instrument used as an extension of their vocal skills. Understanding and respecting microphone positioning capabilities enhances the opportunity to maximize vocal potential. The microphone is an instrument used as an […]


Effective Backing Vocals

  I don’t know how many of us have witnessed multiple lead vocalists attempting to share the same vocal stage – during the same song. While there may be some true “harmony” present, there can be a perceived “limelight-hog” air about the event that can leave the participants feeling like they’ve gotten a pedicure from a cheese grater […]


For Your Vocal Health

As singers, we have the benefit of carrying our instrument with us everywhere we go. The down-side is… We take our instrument EVERYWHERE we go; we don’t have the luxury of throwing it into a case for a week while we get over the flu. Like athletes, our voices are best utilized and conditioned for […]

Monday Musings:

Heart > Talent

“But the Lord answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” [Luke, 10:41-42] “Talent” is a God-given skill that is supernatural in nature. 1 Peter 4:10 […]


Operating In Harmony

Have you ever arrived at practice with singers that are very capable at improvisational harmonies, but end up criss-crossing, doubling, leaving open 5ths, or inadvertently dropping into melody? There is a tendency to assume that just because you “can” harmonize on-the-fly, that there need be no preparation for the vocalists before practice. However, preparing multiple […]