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Planning Center Live

This tutorial is designed to give you an in-depth overview of the “Services LIVE” feature from Planning Center Online.  This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of Planning Center Online (PCO), and does not cover typically-used functions of PCO, such as scheduling, adding people, creating services types and creating/editing templates. Planning Center Live […]

Youth Worship Ministry:

The Importance of Leading Students – An Interview with Nathan Del Turco

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to reconnect with my friend and mentor, Nathan Del Turco.  Nathan is the Pastor of Student Worship at Central Christian Church, which has a total of five campuses across the greater Phoenix metro in Arizona.  His years of experience, knowledge and wisdom as a worship leader and Pastor […]

Worship Team Building:

Getting the Most Out of Volunteers – Part 1

  Part 1: Understanding and Recruiting Lately, I have seen a lot of emails and posts from social media and other forums regarding volunteers, and effectively recruiting, training, managing, retaining, equipping and getting positive results from them.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will tackle this subject, and with any luck, help your teams […]


F.O.H. 101 // Equalization

In its most simple terms, equalization (or EQ, for short) refers to the boosting of desired frequencies and cutting of undesirable frequencies on a given audio signal.  In broader usage,  it can be used to correct specific problems on that signal, to overcome deficiencies in the frequency response of a microphone (or the timbre of […]


F.O.H. 101 // Gain Staging

The most important thing that we as audio engineers do is get signal from instrument to speakers.  But to do that, the signal (at its most basic level) must first pass from the instrument into a microphone or DI box, down a line, through a snake, into a console, into a preamp, through an equalizer, […]


F.O.H. 101 // Noise Gates

Be sure to check out the previous posts in FOH 101: Microphone Selection, Microphone Placement, and Compressors and Limiters. NOISE GATES Noise gates are a Front-of-House engineer’s best friend.  Their ability to clean up an audio signal, reduce noise, and make the mix sound crisp and clear is unrivaled.  Adding a gate to an audio […]


F.O.H. 101 // Compressors & Limiters

COMPRESSORS AND LIMITERS Military communications during the Second World War were, at best, strained.  Equipment of the time could not properly transmit the quieter sounds of the human voice over the sounds of battle because they were drowned out by the louder gunfire noises and explosions.  New technology had to be developed so that radio […]


F.O.H. 101 // Microphone Placement

BASIC MICROPHONE PLACEMENT Now that we’re able to make informed decisions in regards to selecting the best microphone for the job, we’re ready to place them on the instrument to get the best possible sound.  As with microphone selection, placement of the microphone largely comes down to personal preference and how they sound in your […]


F.O.H. 101 // Microphone Selection

HOW MICROPHONES WORK A microphone is a form of transducer, or a device that changes one form of energy into another corresponding form of energy.  The same way that the magnets in guitar pickups turn the vibration of the strings into electrical energy, the microphone turns changes in air pressure into an electrical signal.  That […]


The Anatomy Of A Worship Keyboardist’s Rig

Throughout college, I had the privilege to play at many different venues, churches; as well as helping others constructing their keyboard rigs so that they were usable and reliable.  Personally, I’ve had my fair share of controllers, keyboards, stage pianos, vintage boards, and effects.  I have come to be content with what is involved in […]


Tips For The Worship Keyboardist

Assessment is the Key to the Keys One situation will never be the same in the context of a musical worship band.  Look at your instrumentation as well as the resources you have available.  Not everyone has an electric guitarist with tons of delay pedals, also, not everyone has a Nord Stage 2 and a […]