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Artist Feature // Spacesuit

We’re all about getting the word out for solid groups that honor God in their music!  I had the chance to ask some questions of David from Spacesuit.  Here’s their latest EP for your listening pleasure while you read this interview:

We by Spacesuit
TCC:  Where are you guys based out of?  Do you serve at a church?    

I am based in siloam springs,AR. I attend a small congregation called the pointe with my wife Sarah.   I am the traveling guitarist for the Katinas.   Tim is based in Kansas City where He leads worship at a congregation called Mission Church.

TCC:  How did you group come together?

Tim and I met at the international house of prayer (IHOP) in 2008 and began hanging out and writing songs together shortly thereafter.  We shared a love of Music and a desire to serve the saints through Worship.  From that point, we started acquiring studio gear and recording our songs for our first EP that released on 10/10/10

TCC:  What’s the heart behind your Latest project?

WE is all about the Church of Jesus Christ being like a community of listening stations.   WE are observatories of God’s unmerited favour.  WE is not about Tim and I.   It is about a context where the Saints can gather together and Sing about the central truths of our Faith

TCC:  What are your musical influences? 

Hillsong United,  Delirious, Matt Kearney ,Matt Redman , Switchfoot, Jesus Culture

TCC:  What’s coming up for spacesuit?

We are releasing one more EP in the spring and another in the Summer combining the previous ones with additional content in 2014

How can people get in touch with you?


@spacesuitmusic twitter and Instagram

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