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TCC:  What has been your musical journey? When did you start playing music and what got you started initially?

Eric:  I started at a young age with the public school band programs and music lessons and stuff.  By high school, I was getting interested more in singing, guitar, piano, and rock bands.  I wavered between classical and rock though and ended up studying choral conducting for my college degree.  Somehow, I ended up full circle back in rock bands, however, I have incorporated a lot of what I learned in my classical training.

TCC:  Who have been your biggest musical influences for the FOF sound?

Eric:  I’ve listened to a lot of U2 growing up.  since then, Sigur Ros,  and artsy bands like Radiohead caught my attention.  Yet when it comes to listening enjoyment, I actually go for stuff like Allison Krauss.  There are too many artists to mention that have influenced the FOF sound.  As things have developed, my orchestral and choral roots have really lent a hand in crafting it.

TCC:  Tell us about your old band Something Like Silas and how is Future of Forestry a departure from that?

Eric:  Something Like Silas was a starting point.  It was the beginning of taking well known songs and really creating a sonic texture around them.  The band was really geared towards an emerging worship scene though about 10 years ago. That scene has really taken off but is now searching for a new place and new dimension.  About 8 years ago, I started Future of Forestry which was a departure from the “worship” category and reached more into the non-congregational songs category.  So basically, it no longer fell into a certain category, it was just music to listen to and interact with in whatever fashion deemed appropriate.

TCC:  You obviously have other albums you’ve recorded but it seems that you are more well known for your Christmas music you’ve released through your, now 3, Advent EPs. How have you seen that evolve?

Eric:  It really came as an accident.  i started the first one with 5 songs.  A few years later, it was time for another.  then years down the road, when i thought i had expired the songs i could take to another level, i found some real gems that i had missed.  so it just keeps going.

TCC:  Tell us about your previous Advent tours and why you won’t be touring this year in support of your third Advent EP.

I’ve been touring the Advent Christmas Tours for about 7 years now.  They’ve become a real big part of Future of Forestry’s identity.  In some ways its great, but in some ways, its kinda strange that Future of Forestry has 2 different followings…the Christmas one, and the regular one.  At any rate, those tours have been a pretty consuming experience for me.  This is my first year in a long time that i actually get to be “still still still” instead of on the run to the next city.

TCC:  What are your future plans for FOF? Any more albums? Tours?

Eric:  keep in touch with us via facebook/twitter and we’ll keep in touch about what’s next!  Lots of really cool new things for 2014.

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