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Worship Review:

The Undoing – Steffany Gretzinger

Steffany Gretzinger’s thoughtful lyrics and strong melodies are all you’d expect from one of Bethel’s leading female vocalists. In her first solo effort, she explores many different instrumentation styles ranging from mezzo-piano lullaby to electronic drum rhythms. Gretzinger’s unique and interesting pronunciation and articulation are accentuated by equally interesting musical arrangements. The Undoing is a […]

Monday Musings:

Avoiding Dissension

The Church Collective is growing. And just as with the early church, growing must include differing opinions and viewpoints. Diversity of opinion is a huge benefactor of advancement in knowledge, development of apologetics and individual understanding of theology. Here’s the issue: It’s 2014. Everybody has a computer in their pocket, a personal blog, and we […]