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Worship vs. Fear

What’s your biggest fear? Mine was insignificance, not being able to make an impact on people and helping them in their calling. I felt unable to find an avenue to pursue this and feared that God wasn’t going to use me due to some hidden sin that had disqualified me. The only thing these fears […]

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Episode 108 // Josh Havens // The Afters

Click here to go to iTunes and subscribe! You can subscribe on Stitcher here. In this episode myself and Chris Bellamy talked with Josh Havens from the Afters about: Growing up in worship ministry. The balance between touring and doing local church ministry. Their new project “Live on Forever.” How God has been working through […]

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Worship Team Building:

Three-Dimensional Worship Part II: A Case for Three Dimensions

If you have not read Part I of this series, it’s very possible you will want to before moving into this, Part II. It isn’t absolutely necessary but it certainly will help with understanding.  You can catch up with Part I by clicking here. When I was younger I remember very vividly seeing “Braveheart” for […]

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