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Ask the Collective // Episode 11 // Does Theology Matter in Worship?

In this episode myself and Chris talked with Keith Everrett Smith and Tasha Layton Smith about the value of theology in worship.  Some points made: The difference between corporate and private worship. A discussion about the “why” for corporate worship in the first place. The importance of teaching our churches about worship. Partnering with our […]

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Episode 104 // Leeland

Click here to go to iTunes and subscribe! You can subscribe on Stitcher here. In this episode I had the chance to talk with Leeland about: How the band Leeland came to be. What it was like growing up in a traveling ministry family. How powerful it can be to have mentors in our lives. […]

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The Heart of a Worship Leader:

Culture Killer // Tardiness (A Volunteer’s Perspective)

As a Worship Leader, I’ve come to realize that part of my job description should read, “Defender of Culture”. Because in all reality, creating and keeping a positive culture on our teams only happens with intention. It’s when we get a bit lazy that culture killers can sneak in and start to poke holes in […]

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Dealing with Cynicism

Whether you like it or not, difficulties, disappointments, dashed expectations, and delays build the muscle of character necessary to maturely sustain the very thing (goal, desire, outcome) you’re pursuing. And the development of that muscle, along with the promise of a hope-filled future, is the very reason you must never give up on this journey […]

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